Autumn Wishes and Pumpkin Kisses by Stephanie Nichole

The Blue Ridge Series Book 2

Teaganne Voss is coming home. There’s a sentence she never thought she’d say. Blue Ridge is the last place she expected to end up but it’s exactly where she needs to be. A messy divorce, single mother of two, high end fashion designer and a broken heart would describe her perfectly. Coming home feels like the right decision but it seems fate may have her cross paths with her first love, Keefer Dunn.

Keefer has never fully let go of Teaganne. However, moving on with her isn’t an option when he still doesn’t understand why they ended all those years ago. Moving back to Blue Ridge was always in the cards for him so he can’t help but wonder why fate seems to want both him and Teaganne back at the same time.

When their history collides with their present can they figure out a way to make a second chance work?

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