Five Million Reasons by Carl England

Eva Blalock did not embezzle—she stole five million dollars in cash from the contracting company where she worked.

Her employer, R.L. Standridge, doesn’t want the authorities involved because the money isn’t actually legitimate earnings for the business and he is offering a five percent reward to any private investigator who will return his loot.

Doris Blackmon is not a private investigator — but she has read her Dad’s 1930s detective novels and that should be good enough. Right? She thinks so.

Doris involves her soon-to-be ex-husband, against his better judgement. Together they manage to convince the contractor that they can recover the money. Doris’ brother, Boris, along with a cook, where Doris works as a server, have gotten wind of the purloined millions.

Thus begins a mad race half-way across the country.

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