Almagest by Drew Kientz

A Perfect Order Series Book 2

“The responsibility gained from her new-found powers is not a welcome addition to Juniper Appleblossom’s life. While touring on the road with her band, representatives from various Orders regularly track her down to recruit her in an attempt to have a powerful Primeval among their ranks. All Juniper wants is to do is be left alone to pursue her own hedonistic lifestyle.

All good things must come to an end, as the marathon of drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll has sapped her bank accounts dry. An almost tangible darkness has been closely following Juniper while her Necromancer grandfather has been missing-in-action, and her best friend Dr. Tuppence Buckingham won’t speak to her.

Fortunately, the Black Fire twins are back on her doorstep with a new and dangerous mission. One of their deep cover operatives has gone dark, and it’s up to them to run to the rescue. Juniper will have to bring to bear all her powers to have a snowball’s chance in hell against this new threat.”

Book 1 Chrysalis

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