Memorable Revenge by Jennifer A. Brown

The Dark Side of Springwood Book 4

Watch your step in Springwood…you never know when the past will come back to haunt you.

Springwood is preparing for its centennial celebration only for the mayor’s office to receive a threat. Rumor has it someone will have a gun at the parade. After Mayor Jacob Barnes is shot and the police are left with no leads, terror strikes again when Jacob turns up missing only to reappear on the Cyber-Fix website, in a basement web feed where he is being held hostage. His captor refuses to tell him who he is but is eager for him to guess.

Matters are made worse when Lyn ends up in a serious car accident that causes her to have amnesia. Eventually seeing her brother on camera brings back memories of her alter’s introduction to the world though. Can she and Dan, her brother’s best friend save Jacob before it’s too late?

A terrible storm is about to hit Springwood. Can the Barnes weather through it?

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