Raging Storm by McKenzie Stark

The Raven Boys Series

Sebastian Crow is the proud owner of The River lounge strip club, where they bring a whole new level to stripping. He’s the man that your parents warned you about, the one they said to never let in your heart, let alone your bed.

Cousin to the well known Raven brothers.

He’s every woman’s heartthrob, this hunk is determined to make his strip club number one – loving nothing more than the sight of woman dancing on those poles. This badass, sexy player will rock every woman’s world, banging them any place their hearts desire and pulling them over the edge.

Cheryl Adams is a new stripper at The River lounge , having been homeless for the last two years she’ll do anything to survive, including allowing old hags drool over her half naked body all night. She isn’t afraid to break boundaries and live on the wild side.

But what happens when these two people, living two different lives cross paths? What happens when the player tries to save the reckless and the reckless breaks the players game?

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