Burning Hearts by M.A. Lee

The Raven Boys Series

Lacy has always been known as the wild-child. With her confidence, sex appeal, and flirty personality, she was loved and adored by everyone who knew her. She never met anyone who challenged her. That is, until she met Drake Raven.

Drake Raven is the oldest of the elusive Raven brothers. Known as the angry, brooding brother, most people were afraid to even approach this bearded biker. Well, everyone except for Lacy.

After the pair are introduced, when Lacy’s best friend Ivy begins dating Jameson Raven, neither can ignore the heat brewing between them. Now, as their relationship evolves into a steamy and sultry affair, the pair believes they can withstand anything that comes their way.

But, this pair may have to test that strength as a new villain emerges. Ready and willing to take down the Raven’s at any cost, someone is out to end the Raven’s for good. Hearts will get burned and loyalty will be tested in this exciting next venture for the Raven Brothers.

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