Untangled Devotion by McKenzie Stark

The Unraveled Series Book 1

Beatrix Everstone had never known love or loss until she risked loosing everything. At 25, she just wanted things to go back to normal. But life wasn’t all that easy and Beatrix found herself wrapped in the arms of her once chaotic life. Into a piece of her past that was shattered by one persons ruthlessness and thrown back into a life that she never thought she would see again, and in a home that she fled from years ago. The lies start to unfold, as the secrets begin to unravel at her feet.

Beatrix comes face to face with what she’d left behind, a loving girlfriend, a family who loved her, and most of all, her dignity. But she’s back, and she’ll be damned if she lets anything or anyone step between her and her path to happiness. Lark Blackwood is her sexy and very tempting long lost ex girlfriend, the woman who has held her heart since they were kids, and who never truly gave it back.

Beatrix finds herself at a crossroad between falling back into the arms of the brunette with the deep brown eyes that has a way of stealing her breath away, or letting the secret she’d held onto for so long, completely shatter her. Beatrix finds herself troubled by her chaotic ideals and becomes overwhelmed with moral questions.

Will her conscience allow her to do whatever is needed to stop the reason she fled town from stealing away the only thing she’s ever loved? Or will the bitch come back to bite her in the ass?

McKenzie Stark delivers a brave and poignant story that explores the love between a lost soul and her ex girlfriend, while uncovering a web of lies and challenging barriers that stand in their way to happiness.

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