The Final Word by Will Hallewell

Who can you count on when there’s nothing left? Each other.

In the last series of the Gazore books, the Islanders find themselves on the mainland. Mo Chalmers has driven them away, and now they have to either learn to adapt to the ways of the Mainland or fight their way back home. Just how will they get there? And what of the Verns? Will they be able to stop them, or will Mo Chalmers return to the Mainland and foil their plans?

Just so many things happen in this last book.
There’s fire and there’s illness quite bad.
And what of the sisters, Lilac, Violet, and Rose?
Don’t you think that they’re kinda sad?

The Verns up and left them, but what of it then?
Did you think that they’re gone for good?
Well, one thing’s for sure on the island Gazore,
nothing looks quite as it should.

Join us for one last journey to The Island Gazore where hope is always around the darkest corner and The Power of One is always in our hearts.

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